Browar Warszawski to innowacyjny projekt łączący ze sobą zarówno elementy kuchni, kultury oraz rozrywki. Zlokalizowany jest w samym sercu kompleksu Browarów Warszawskich. W ramach projektu działają browar rzemieślniczy, restauracja serwująca
nowoczesną kuchnię warszawską, klimatyczny cocktail-bar w zabytkowych piwnicach leżakowni.


It is wise to learn from history, and it is even better when a new, equally good chapter is written on the basis of a beautiful history. Browar Warszawski restores brewing traditions to Warsaw’s Wola district.

Let us return for a moment to the 18th century. It was then that more than 10 breweries operated in Grzybowska Street. The source of this accumulation of golden happiness at one address was… The source of this concentration of golden happiness at one address was… the springs of excellent water, which attracted craftsmen of brewing provenance like a magnet. The Haberbusch and Schiele brewery (or rather the Haberbusch, Schiele and Klawy brewery) may not have been the earliest, but it lasted between Grzybowska and Krochmalna streets for the longest time and achieved the greatest success – brewing here beer that was known and exported from Warsaw to many countries. And with adventures (about which you will read more here). Despite the changing winds of modern history, the brewery continued to operate on this site until 2005 and…

…and it doesn’t stop there. In 2021, the Warsaw Brewery opened in the same location. A culinary and entertainment project where the fate of the capital’s modern brewing industry is brewing, but there’s also plenty of good food.

But the brewery – the brewery is the most important thing in this whole story!

Browar Warszawski is a strictly craft brewery with aspirations to become a beer attraction in the capital city. As many as 19 types of excellent craft beer are brewed here, including the legendary Porter known from the glory days of the former Warsaw Breweries.

Annual production is estimated at. 384,000 litres of beer. Of course, you can taste all of them here, on site, without the risk of losing their qualities during long-distance transport or storage. In the local shop, you can buy unfiltered and unpasteurised beer which has just left the vats. Beer accessories, souvenirs and preserves are also available.


Dawid Bąk and Piotr Pszczółkowski, brewers at Browar Warszawski.

What they have in common is huge experience and passion. They use only the best malts and hops from all over the world to produce their beers.

They have brewed beers on an industrial, craft and home brewing scale. It is said that the quality of beer says a lot about the knowledge, experience and reliability of the person who brewed it. Therefore, there is no better showcase for Dawid and Piotr than their beers from Browar Warszawski.

On an (un)entirely different subject – do you know what the beer brewing process looks like in practice? Here is a graphic which should whet your appetite for a visit to Warsaw Brewery.

Curious? Enjoy tastings, beer pairings with delicious food and tours of the Brewery under the guidance of the Brewers.

+48 799 000 021

The beer of the Browar Warszawski brand has won numerous awards in beer competitions.

American Pale Ale – Gold medal in the Kraft Roku 2021 contest and Silver medal in the Chmielaki Krasnostawskie 2021 contest in the APA, Summer Ale, Golden Ale categories
Witbier – Silver medal in the Kraft Roku 2021 competition

Milkstout – Silver medal in the competition Chmielaki Krasnostawskie 2021 in the category Stout.