Browar Warszawski to innowacyjny projekt łączący ze sobą zarówno elementy kuchni, kultury oraz rozrywki. Zlokalizowany jest w samym sercu kompleksu Browarów Warszawskich. W ramach projektu działają browar rzemieślniczy, restauracja serwująca
nowoczesną kuchnię warszawską, klimatyczny cocktail-bar w zabytkowych piwnicach leżakowni.



We restore brewing traditions to the historic cellars of time, the heart of Warsaw Breweries. We combine elements of cuisine, culture and entertainment. The project includes a craft brewery, a restaurant serving modern Warsaw cuisine, an atmospheric whisky cocktail-bar, and an Italian restaurant - Pizza Lecentano.

A new meeting place for Varsovians and a beer attraction of the capital which has to be visited. It is one of the largest and most modern restaurant breweries in this part of Europe.

We produce 18 types of excellent craft beer, including legendary flavours known from the glory days of the former Warsaw Breweries. Monthly beer production amounts to 32 and annual as much as 384 thousand litres of beer. The brewers have also taken care of fresh, unfiltered and unpasteurised beer, specially prepared to be bought on tap.

The restaurant in Browar serves modern diversified cuisine based on the heritage of the legendary gastronomy of Warsaw and Lviv. These dishes, varied with delicacies from all over the world, take you on an extraordinary culinary journey. We serve dishes from the charcoal-fired Josper grill, beer bestsellers, fresh seafood, delicious burgers and an unusual vegetarian menu.

The Brewery also offers beer to take away, beer accessories and souvenirs, as well as traditional preserves whose taste will stimulate memories of an unforgettable visit.


types of craft beer


thousands of litres of beer each year


square metres of restaurant space


thousands of litres of beer every month

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